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before start you shold know about lorestan county. the lorestan is western of Iran, capital city of lorestan is khorramabad. the khorramabad was one of the first city from Iran anciet. in the neghhborhood of lorestan are Esfehan, Ilam, Kermanshah,Khozestan, Kordestan, Ahwaz, Arak, Hamedan and chaharmahal va bakhtiari.famus monument in lorestan is Falakolaflak castle

traditional wrestling in the lorestan is zourou, in persian zour means power and ou is suffix. before Islamic revolution Ahmad Reaei tried for change traditioal wrestling to moern wrestling freestyle and greco-romanand he was successful. he was head of lorestan federation and simultaneously he was trainer and he did all of the wrestling's work. he was first person ready to throw the baby out wiyh yhe bath water an he did it. beyond dispute his sagacity was helpful . he pursued his purpose with insight and wisdom and he could be successful.also he was member of international Iran team in the champions world in 1965 manchester. Abdolah Movahed was there also next to the Ahmad Rezaei.he couldn't be campions world but he was champion in Iran and very handy and industrious coach

that time Khorraabad didnt have equipment, for example in the gym wrestlers didn't have bathroom for took shower, but near the gym was a small river so they had to go there for shower.Ahmad Rezaei became successful. Habib Salem,Naser Khalili, Mirza Hasanvand, Mohamad Sadeghi, Kurosh Foladi, Mohamad Shafafi, Asgar Mosavi and Anooshirvan Rezaei were champions Iran nad they were Ahmad Rezaeis apprentice

unfortunately nowadays freestyle wrestling in lorestan doesn't have good position in Iran, this is a bitter pill to swallow. lorestan must show its true colors. this count is at the end of its rope to be a champion. but greco-roman is better nowadays it has Taleb Nematpoor, Jasem Amiri, Mohsen Ghasemi, Milad Khosravi, Amir Derikvand and...      about a ear ago head of Lorestans federation changed and Abdolah Azizpoor came

I think in near future wrestling of lorestan will get better  and improve with Abdolah Azizpoor

another famous Lorestans wrestlers are Siavash Nori, Karim Sori, KHalilis brother, Mohamad Koshki, Sajad Shahbazi, Mohsen Nematpoor, Maedanis brothers, Morteza Papinia, Naser Esmaili, Naser Norbakhsh,Naderi, Mohamad Tondro, Mehrdad Alipanah and Ect

  Gholamreza Mohammadi blue and Karim Sori red both are form khorramabad. in this mathch Mohammadi couldn't continued because he become injured



By Shahrokh Bagheri ..... Yashar

correction Tina joseph

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about this pictur what did Happen to mohammadi and karim sori

could he be champion
answer: in this cup karim sori became first champion and gholamreza mohammadi became second after sori

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