wrestling of iran
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I want to say about wrestling of iran and wrestling of Lorestan.

in donkeys years ago wrestling was a traditional play in iran

 this sport for iranian people is samsonian, and superstar in samsonian are the Pouria Vali and the Takhti if both of them were wrestler

famous wrestler in iran are the Takhti, Abdolah Movahed, Emamaali Hbibi, Rasoul khadem and Alireza Dabir

they became champions olympic games

lorestan around 30 years ago had the best champions , but unfortunately that time coachs of international team ignore small town and they removed name lorestans wrestler from list of  international team. for example Habib salem and Siavash Nori  were the best and they became champion of iran but trainers iran didn't invite  them for champions world , but nowadays lorestan has been improved and headcoach of freestyle international is Gholamreza Mohammadi and headcoach of young greco-roman international team is Naser Norbakhsh and also Asgare Mosavi is in wrestling's federation and before this he work as trainer in the international team

I know seyed asgar mosavi clearly because he was my trainer in khorramabad for 4 years he has updated knowledge because he studied in university and his subject was sport

frist sport in Iran and lorestan  is wrestling and people adore it. even wrestlers are better footbalist for people for example best footbalist in iran are Daei and Hejazi, people like them but the people adore the Takhti and call him agha Takhti means sir Takhti. iranian people love wrestling and big epic history of iran is about wrestling and samsoniam . Rostam is samsoniam this history. the wrestling is combined with samsoniam and fair

in donkeys years ago we had champion a named the Poria Vali. before important match he went to a religious place ,he saw an old woman, she was crying, the Poria asked her what happened may I helpyou?  old woman did not know this is Poria Vali and answered my son will has match tomorrow with Poria Vali and Poria is strong  I am worried.in tomorrow when Poria went for match remembered that woman and in the match he deliberalety fell downs himself until that woman be happy

and the Takhti did not accept money wealth only for people. Iranian have hosseyn rezazadeh. he was the best weighlifter and he broke a record but for some people he is not perfect and popular because he respect tp goverment more than people so he was not with people but the Takhti was humble in front of people and he loves only people no goverment and always he helps people, so people edored the Gholamreza Takhti. the Gholamreza Takhti dead but people feel him in a their hearts, so wrestling combined with love and culture of persian



 the Takhti and king of Iran. Iran's samsoniam did not respect government only for people 

by shahrokh bagheri

correction by Tina joseph

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takhti takhti takhti

Iran can not have like Takhti again
among the people and for the people

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